A lot of good upgrades in Apple macOS 13 Ventura that you may mainly overlook

The bulk of Mac users are already familiar with Apple’s newest desktop software, although it does introduce several novel multitasking concepts and a brand-new Settings app. Naturally, it is more integrated with your iPhone than ever.

I considered implementing shortcuts. I could easily switch to Focus. I was certain I would begin tagging my notes. I had anticipated using Portrait Mode constantly. Tab Groups made me think about switching to Safari. It was really tempting to switch to Apple’s navigation app because of the new cards in Maps. Warning: This will reveal that I still use Chrome and Google Maps frequently and have not used any of the aforementioned services since. This does not imply that I lied in that review or that these features are inherently ineffective. As it turns out, I’ll just keep working in my current manner.

That has me pondering the distinction between “cool” and “important.” As product lines advance, its adherents create their own methods of usage and get accustomed to having access to those methods going forward. Even if new features offer obvious, easy methods to improve workflows, that doesn’t ensure that holes are filled by the new features.

The patchwork of improvements in macOS Ventura does a good job of capturing the essence of “cool.” Less so than “essential.” There are certain adjustments to bring programs closer to iOS and macOS or to keep up with well-known rivals. There are functions designed to cover up the MacBook’s shortcomings with the aid of some outside businesses. There are various gadgets to keep distractions at bay. Another update to FaceTime has been made.

I won’t overstate my case this time: I don’t see much of this altering my routine. Although I’m sure each of these upgrades will have vocal supporters, I also believe that there are a lot of individuals for whom downloading Ventura won’t actually alter much. And to be honest, that might be a good thing. It could imply that macOS has already determined what it should be.


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