Everything you need to know regarding The Wire’s retractions of its Meta reporting

The Wire provided an addendum after pulling the story from Meta, admitting it had been “deceived” by a staff member. Here is how the tale originally developed.

The parent company of Facebook and Instagram, Meta, is the subject of debate in India after a local newspaper reported that the firm had taken down an Instagram post on behalf of a politician there. In response, Meta charged that the publication had utilized “fabricated” evidence.

The Wire decided to stop access to its stories on October 18 and undertake a “internal assessment” of the papers it used as evidence after Meta and numerous online experts discovered anomalies in its reporting. Due to “some anomalies” that surfaced in its research, it later withdrew its findings on October 23.

With its emphasis on the subtleties of Indian politics, email forensics, and Meta’s controversial relationship with the media, this story is unusually challenging to follow. So, we’ve condensed the last several weeks’ craziness into a brief summary of what happened and why it was important.


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