Review of the Echo Dot with Clock for 2022: entertaining

The fifth generation of Amazon’s Echo Dot with Clock is still the best budget smart speaker available and offers greater quality, quicker answers, and more sensors for your smart home.

The fifth-generation Echo Dot with Clock ($59.99) sports a brighter, bigger, but still diminutive display that displays more information. It also has more useful smart home functions thanks to a new temperature sensor and a new accelerometer that makes tap to snooze actually work. This is a significant upgrade when better audio and a quicker Alexa are included.

My preferred little smart speaker for a long time is the Echo Dot with Clock, and thanks to these upgrades, it has also become my preferred smart alarm clock. The glanceable LED grid display of the Dot with Clock is a pleasant reprieve at night for someone like me who spends much of the day surrounded by electronics. It offers just enough information at my bedside to be useful without being annoying. My other favorite smart speaker for a nightstand is the second-generation Google Nest Hub (the one without a camera). The Dot with Clock is a less obtrusive bedside companion than the Nest because of its smaller size and lack of a screen, but the Nest does a fantastic job of disappearing into the background at night because to its matte display.

New things in the same tiny package

The most feature-rich smart speakers you can buy for the price are Amazon’s Echo Dots. They are Amazon’s attempt to bring its voice assistant into every room of your home and are inexpensive and simple to install anywhere. The Alexa-powered Dot can do almost everything its larger siblings do, including play games, stream music, set timers, manage Alexa Routines, control smart home devices, serve as a home intercom, and function as a telephone and intercom.

The Echo Dot, Echo Dot Kids Edition, and Echo Dot with Clock have all been improved by Amazon for 2022 with more sensors, faster processors, greater sound, and the capacity to function as Wi-Fi extenders on an Eero network. The majority of individuals find the modifications to be insufficiently convincing to upgrade from a fourth-gen device. However, those versions are presently out of stock on Amazon, so you will be satisfied with any of the new ones if you are searching for the finest Echo experience in the tiniest package.

The Echo Dot with Clock has the greatest range expansion (which is the third version with a clock but with the fifth-gen speaker). While the basic design of the device I tried for this review is the same as the last one, Amazon has switched out the four-digit, seven-segment LED display for a brighter, more useful LED dot-matrix display.

The Dot may now offer a scrolling weather forecast, song title, and other text responses to requests in addition to the time, volume level, alarms, and timers. It’s a little gimmicky how the scrolling works. You have to wait for 30 seconds to read the song title and artist because it can only display a small number of letters at once. Instead, you could just ask Alexa to identify the song. It’s amusing, though. Compared to hearing Alexa say the forecast, the weather forecast display, which includes the temperature and a small cloud, sun, or rain indicator, is more helpful and a little bit quicker.


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