Better Act Quickly If You’re Planning to Purchase a Meta Quest 2

It’s time to decide whether to get a Meta Quest 2 VR system if you’ve been debating whether to: Meta said yesterday that the Quest 2’s pricing will increase by $100 on August 1. This means that you have only five days to use your credit card, or you risk giving Mark Zuckerberg an extra $100 to burn in the incinerator and create the metaverse.

If you’ve been considering whether to purchase a Meta Quest 2 VR system, now is the time to: The Quest 2’s price will rise by $100 on August 1 according to a statement made by Meta yesterday. Your credit card must be used within the next five days, or you run the risk of giving Mark Zuckerberg an extra $100 to burn in the incinerator and create the metaverse.

Initially startling, a price rise of more than 30% on a two-year-old tech product makes (a little) more sense when considered in light of Meta’s recent difficulties and the company’s upcoming next-generation VR equipment. It appears like Meta/Facebook has decided that the days of supporting the VR sector by making startlingly cheap headsets are done. The company’s stock has dropped to half its former value since 2021, and it likely lost several billions over a single policy change by Apple.

What “Project Cambria,” Meta’s upcoming VR system, is all about

While Meta hasn’t disclosed a pricing, a release date, or all the specifics for its upcoming VR system (Project Cambria), it has been gradually leaking details over the past few months.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that the company’s next-generation VR headset is on the way and has some lofty goals during an investor call on April 27. Later this year, we’ll release a more advanced headgear, Project Cambria, that will be more geared toward business use cases and may potentially take the place of your laptop or work setup, according to Zuckerberg. In order to smoothly merge virtual reality with the real world, this premium device will have improved ergonomics and full color passthrough mixed reality. Neat.

In May, the official Meta account uploaded a video showcasing a sleek new headgear. Mark Zuckerberg also posted a Facebook video of himself using a Project Cambria headset.

All of stuff appears pricey and sounds expensive, even if it resembles a lower-quality Black Mirror episode. According to online sources, “Project Cambria” will be available in September and cost “more than $799.” If this is true, it might make sense from the standpoint of consumer psychology to increase the price of the Quest 2: It seems crazy to me to pay $800 for a new item when I can purchase the used, nearly-as-good item for only $300. But it makes more sense to upgrade to a $800 smartphone when the old one will already cost me $400. Relatively.


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