Pictures from Rishi Sunak’s first day as prime minister

Members of Ms. Truss’s cabinet arrived at Downing Street in the morning for a meeting with her and a group portrait before she left office.

Prior to his meeting with the departing prime minister and subsequent meeting with Mr. Sunak to extend an invitation to form a government, King Charles landed at Buckingham Palace.

The lectern was then set up in front of Downing Street, and Ms. Truss went outside to make her final speech to the country as the British prime minister with the shortest tenure ever.

Her two daughters and spouse were by her side.

Being prime minister, she claimed, had been “a wonderful honor, especially leading the country in mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and celebrating the accession of King Charles.”

Then Ms. Truss went to Buckingham Palace. .

Lt Col Johnny Thompson, King Charles’ equerry, received her as she presented the king with her letter of resignation.

The new leader of the Conservative Party also arrived at the palace shortly after that.

In the 1844 room, frequently referred to as the most significant room in the Palace, Mr. Sunak met the King.

The name of the marble and gold-leafed salon is derived from a Russian tsar’s visitation date.

Mr. Sunak became the 57th prime minister of the UK when King Charles extended an invitation to him to form a government.

He will take office as the youngest prime minister in the last 200 years. He is this year’s third prime minister.

The meeting was thereafter private, establishing the tone for the private weekly audiences between the king and prime minister. This was followed by official photos.

After then, Mr. Sunak went back to No. 10 and passed Larry the cat on the way.

Mr. Sunak addressed the country after approaching the podium.
After meeting King Charles III and accepting his invitation to become prime minister and lead a new administration on October 25, 2022, Rishi Sunak delivers a speech outside 10 Downing Street in London.

He praised Ms. Truss and said she was right to seek to increase growth in this country because “it’s a wonderful ambition.”

He claims that while he appreciated her drive to bring about change, “some mistakes were made.”

Although not the result of malice or malicious intent, mistakes are blunders nonetheless.

Mr. Sunak declared that he is committed to “fixing the mistakes” done by his forerunner.
On October 25, 2022, in London, Rishi Sunak, the country’s new prime minister, addresses outside No. 10 Downing Street.

Asserting that he would create a government that “represents the best of my party,” he continued that he was prepared to lead the nation “into the future and put your needs above politics.”

Following his brief statement, Mr. Sunak took a photo in front of the iconic entrance before going into 10 Downing Street.

Staff members applauded to greet the new PM.

A relocation vehicle was spotted outside Downing Street in the meanwhile to help with the changeover from one prime minister to the next.

News of cabinet nominations in Mr. Sunak’s ministry circulated throughout the afternoon as those chosen paid visits to Downing Street.

The prime minister, Mr. Sunak, said that Jeremy Hunt will continue in his role as chancellor.

Dominic Raab was named as the justice secretary and deputy prime minister shortly after.


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