Numerous US schoolchildren will retake the exam after the answer sheets “fly out of the truck”

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) retakes may be necessary for more than 50 pupils at a US high school after test papers flew out of a UPS truck while being carried for verification.

The school administration verified in a statement to The Washington Post on Saturday that the SAT tests that El Paso High School students took on October 27 were misplaced in transit after being delivered to UPS. In a statement, El Paso Independent School District spokeswoman Liza Rodriguez claimed that all but 55 of the answer documents had been found. She also added that the district was collaborating with the College Board to “find a remedy” for the children who had been impacted.

Senior at El Paso High School Freddy Chavez told The New York Times, “I was returning from the gym when I suddenly noticed a ton of papers scattered along Mesa Street. Prior to hearing rumors that the tests were actually SATs a few days later, I really didn’t give it much thought. I immediately made the connections.”

The New York Times reports that on Wednesday during the last period, students were summoned to a conference and informed that the SAT exams they had completed on October 27 would not be scored because they had gotten out of the UPS truck that was bringing them. The pupils would have to retake the arduous test rather than using their results to complete their college applications.

Although it quickly acknowledged the error, United Parcel Service is still looking into the matter.

In a statement, UPS said, “We have apologized to the school and offer our condolences to the pupils.”

“The driver’s actions, in this case, are not representative of UPS protocols and methods, and we have addressed this with him. Safely and reliably meeting our service commitments is UPS’s first priority.”


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