Three deans appointed violating norms at MG University

Kottayam: It has been found that MG University has appointed three persons as faculty deans violating the UGC and University norms. The appointments have been made misleading the Governor who is also the Chancellor.

All the three, who have been appointed bypassing the criteria and norms, are members of the Leftist Union, after clearing Governor Arif Mohammed Khan’s scrutiny

As per the UGC norm, the Dean position must not be given to one person continuously and the names should be suggested in such a way that others also get considered in turns. It is also mentioned in the University act that the appointment must be made based on the service seniority in the respective department. The new appointments have violated both these rules, it is alleged.

The recommendation was sent to the Governor without filling the column whether the persons to be appointed had been deans earlier.

Prof P S Radhakrishnan, a professor at the School of Letters has been a dean of Language and Literature earlier. Prof Jose K Manual, who has not been a dean so far, is the Head of the Department. Another dean is Prof V Dinesh, who is also the head of the Social Sciences Department. It has been hardly a year since he was appointed here.

School of International Relations Department Head Prof C Vinod, who has 16 years of experience, has been brushed aside.

Head of the Department of Management and Business Studies and former Dean Prof Santhosh P Thambi has been appointed dean again by brushing aside a senior professor in the same department, Prof Sulaiman.

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