Bloop (YC S21) Is Hiring a Front End Engineer to Work on OSS AI Code Search

Hi HN,

You can join our team of ML, backend (Rust) and frontend (TS, React) engineers and work at the intersection of AI and developer tools.

Using our product, you can ask questions about large codebases in natural language, just like you’d talk to ChatGPT. You can also find code, paths and identifiers using regex and navigate defs/refs using precise code navigation. The project is open source ( and is built from the ground up in Rust and Typescript.

Some highlights from the stack you’ll be working with:

– We ship a Tauri based desktop client, a new Rust based alternative to Electron. By indexing local repos, we bring code search to everyone’s desktop.

– We’re using a new vector search engine qdrant, written in you guessed it – Rust. This powers our low latency semantic retrieval.

– We’re one of the earliest production projects to ship with Anthropic AI’s Claude.

We’re looking for someone experienced, and we’d expect this to be apparent through:

– Creativity, obsession with visual detail and consistency

– Respect for team and process

– A wide comfort zone

– Passion for the craft, eg: mentorship, Open Source contribution or speaking at events

You’ll work predominantly on the frontend, which is deployed to both the desktop and cloud versions of bloop. Our current stack is React, Typescript and Tauri.

We’re an international remote-first team of 7 with offices in London. Preference will be given to those on GMT+/-3 as we’re not an entirely async company and this leaves the necessary overlap to collaborate. We get together about three times per year in-person to hang out.

We just raised $7m from top funds, namely LocalGlobe, Khosla and Sands Capital as well as leaders in the field like Hamel Husain who led GitHub’s code search team. We also host one of the largest meetups on the subject, AI4Code London (

If you’d like to explore working with us, please reach out to me at louis [at] bloop [dot] ai with “HN Frontend Engineer” in the subject line and a note about why this is exciting and a link to your portfolio or linkedin/resume.

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