Schoolgirl dies after being hit by goods train at Kanhangad station

Kanhangad: A schoolgirl died after being hit by a train at Kanhangad railway station on Wednesday.

The deceased has been identified as Pavithra (15), a Class X student of Durga Higher Secondary School in Kanhangad.

A resident of Avikkara on the western side of the railway station, the girl used to cross the tracks every day to go to school and home. “Students from schools and nearby polytechnic and office-goers take the shortcut every day,” said K P Mohanan, father of Pavithra’s classmate and neighbour.

On Wednesday, a goods train was parked on the middle track and the wagons were jutting out 100m beyond the platform. According to eyewitnesses, she crawled under the goods train and was crossing the third track when the Coimbatore-Mangaluru Fast Passenger hit her. People shouted to alert Pavithra of the incoming train. But she did not hear, said Mohanan. She died on the spot.

Pavithra’s parents were from Theni in Tamil Nadu. She was born at Vadakaramukh in Kanhangad. A couple of months after she was born, her father deserted the family. Her mother Karthika ended her life before Pavithra turned one, said Mohanan.

She was raised by her maternal grandparents Rajappan and Manimala, who came to Kanhangad 30 years ago. The aged couple ekes out a living by selling shirt pieces by going from door to door.

Mohanan’s daughter, who walks with Pavithra to school and back every day, was on leave on Wednesday.

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