Sonos quietly raises Beam and Sub prices by $50

As it nears the launch of two new smart speakers, Sonos appears to be taking another look at pricing across the company’s product portfolio — and raising them in some cases. The second-generation Beam, which was $449 just a week ago, is now shown as $499 on Sonos’ website and retailers, including Best Buy.

The already-pricey Sub has also been bumped by $50 and now costs $799. Ouch. The Wayback Machine shows that it was still listed at $749 from Sonos as recently as February 15th.

Sonos increased the prices of numerous products back in 2021, citing supply chain issues and consumer demand as factors behind the decision. At that time, the company said it is “always assessing market dynamics including demand, supply chain, component costs, and the competitive landscape” when reviewing pricing.

Apparently, it has now seen fit to make more adjustments. Sonos confirmed these changes to The Verge, and select accessories are also impacted — but much less significantly. A couple of items have actually gone down (by a whole 99 cents). Here’s the full rundown:

You might want to look elsewhere for your banana plugs.

The Beam (read our review) has typically been one of the better values in Sonos’ home theater lineup: it produces room-filling audio and does a decent job at virtualizing Dolby Atmos surround sound in small to medium-size rooms. But these price increases start to chip away at that value proposition: the company’s mid-level soundbar is now $100 more expensive than the first-gen Beam’s starting price.

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