The Joy of Discovering a Vintage Film Camera! Who Did It Belong To?

There are some aspects of film photographs that can’t be replicated with digital.

To paraphrase Becki and Chris, you might have shot a roll or more of film and then drop them off at a photo lab. And then, by the time you picked it up a few weeks later, you’d get rolls of film back that were usually awful images. To make matters worse, you often didn’t remember or write down what the settings were, so there wasn’t that instant feedback loop for improvement.

Despite all this, there has been a noticeable resurgence in film photography. One aspect might be the materiality of film. In contrast to digital photography, film photography yields a very tangible object, which can be held and manipulated.

In this video, we follow Becki and Chris as they discover an old camera. The exciting part is that have no idea about what is on the film nor much recollection of who the camera may have belonged to.

Finding an old digital camera is also just as likely; however, the difference here is that ofte,n digital files are stored and retrieved in a very different, instant manner. I don’t keep any record of digital files on the camera itself; the files are emptied after every shoot. But clearly, it isn’t the same for film rolls.

It is almost like a treasure hunt to discover what hidden memories or secrets may emerge from this rediscovered treasure.  

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