21,252 new constructions found in direct survey alone

Thiruvananthapuram: As many as 21,252 new constructions have been identified in a direct inspection held in populated areas falling within the buffer zone around forests in Kerala. This is in addition to 49,330 constructions identified in the satellite survey conducted by the Kerala State Remote Sensing and Environment Centre (KSREC). Thus, the total constructions identified come to 70,582.

The latest survey omitted several objects that were marked as constructions earlier as per the images obtained in a satellite survey. Even chicken coops and wells were considered constructions, and one house was uploaded 10 times in the asset mapper app of the Forest Department.

The latest statistics are devoid of such duplication or inclusion of shacks or non-building structures. Hence the number of new constructions as per the on-field survey is lower than the one arrived at earlier.

However, no decision has yet been made on whether thatched houses should be considered.

The expert panel headed by Justice Thottathil B Radhakrishnan will review this list today and submit the final report to the Government. Then it will be handed over to the Advocate-General and the Standing Counsel of the State in the Supreme Court. (The term of the expert committee will end on February 28.)

The Kerala government had earlier approached the Supreme Court seeking a relaxation of the latter’s order issued on June 3, 2022. The order mandates a minimum 1 km buffer zone or Eco-Sensitive Zone around all protected forests in the country.

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