How Do You Know if You Have What It Takes To Be a Professional Photographer?

Though it takes a lot of skill with a camera and in editing, being a successful professional photographer takes a lot more than just those. If you feel comfortable with your skills and your portfolio and you are wondering if you are ready to make the jump, check out this fantastic video essay that features an experienced professional detailing how to know if you are ready. 

Coming to you from Scott Choucino with Tin House Studio, this important video discusses how to know if you are ready to make the jump to being a professional photographer. The thing I would tell anyone considering this to really think carefully about is if they will enjoy the change this will bring about with regards to their relationship to photography. When you are running a photography business, not only will you not have the freedom to shoot whatever you want, you will often spend less time behind a camera than you think and more working on things like marketing, invoices, emails, etc. Of course, that isn’t meant to dissuade you, but simply to give you a realistic understanding of the profession. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Choucino. 

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