Instagram Alternative 100ASA Now Offers Professional Photo Critiques


100ASA, a photo-sharing social network that is designed to be a “real” Instagram alternative, now offers the ability to get professional feedback on photos from its team of curators and critics.

The 100ASA Professional Critiques allows photographers to submit images which are then evaluated on their strengths and weaknesses along with what 100ASA promises is a set of always “positive comments and suggestions for improvement.”

100ASA says that the term “critique” often carries with it a negative connotation — that is to say, it often is interpreted as “to find fault” with — but it says its system doesn’t mean that at all. The company says its photo critiques offer a deconstruction of a photo that evaluates lighting, colors, composition, sharpness (where relevant), and storytelling.

“As personal photo coaches, we give constructive feedback to improve your photography regardless of skill level. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner,a picture-taker or a professional photographer,” 100ASA explains.

100ASA curation dashboard

“We encourage your growth as a photographer by acting as a resource that communicates the “how and why” so you can achieve a higher level of refinement in your photographic skills. We believe that anyone can become a master with the right inspiration and feedback.”


Some examples of critiques are available to view on 100ASA’s website.

100ASA’s photo critiques are broken into two paid categories. One, which costs $9.90, promises an in-depth critique, photographic advice, and actional points that include ways to improve. The $14.90 “Advanced” plan adds a chat with a critic and a downloadable PDF. These costs are in addition to any membership fees, which are explained on 100ASA’s website.

An Instagram Alternative

100ASA is one of several Instagram alternatives that have launched in the last couple years as the Meta-owned social network continues to make decisions and add features that have frustrated photographers. Despite a recent trend of photos starting to perform better, many area still dissatisfied with the Instagram experience.

In contrast, 100ASA says that its platform is less crowded with “mediocre photos” and allows photographers the ability to showcase their best work to clients and peers.

“100ASA is a unique photography platform that emphasizes quality over quantity and class over mass,” the company tells PetaPixel.

“Our innovative photo curation system guarantees that only the best images are displayed, while our tokens system encourages a more thoughtful and intentional approach to image uploads. With 100ASA, you can showcase your best work to a community of fellow photographers and clients who appreciate and value high-quality imagery.”

Image credits: 100ASA

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