The Definitive Explanation of Camera Metering Modes

This video from nature photographer Simon d’Entremont offers one of the best explanations of camera metering modes I have come across, complete with examples of each mode and when to use them.

A modern DSLR or mirrorless camera has a variety of very powerful metering tools, which can seem daunting to the beginner photographer or even for someone who has been shooting for a while. In this video, Mr. d’Entremont explains the difference between evaluative, center-weighted, partial, and spot metering in a clear manner that removes the mystery from these various metering modes. Before diving into the various metering modes, he gives an excellent explanation of how a camera’s light meter works. His explanations are all accompanied by photographic examples, and as Mr. d’Entremont is an exceptional nature photographer, the examples themselves make the video even more enjoyable. One important topic discussed is how spot metering, in some cameras, can be linked to a specific focusing point, and how using this method can change your exposure quite a bit even when moving the point to a different part of the same subject. If you find your camera’s metering modes to be confusing or have avoided trying the different metering modes, this video is for you.

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