Who Else Struggles to Understand Studio Lighting? This Will Help You

As a landscape and seascape photographer who also shoots surfing, I’m not too embarrassed to say that my understanding of indoor lighting setups is not where I want it to be. This video here is extremely helpful, especially if you’d love to get those gorgeously mysterious rim light shots.

I grew up on the ocean. My entire adolescence was spent playing in and around the ocean. And my photographic history began near the ocean and has seldom left natural environments since. So, it’s understandable that my knowledge of lighting setups and studio photography is not as advanced as someone interested in portrait photography or fashion photography, for example. Truth be told, however, since I had my two young daughters, I’ve wanted to explore indoor work more but have always been somewhat intimidated by trying to understand artificial lighting and all the concomitant gear.

However, this great video by John Gress, in which he breaks down rim lighting and explains a one-light studio set up, is extremely helpful. A rim light is very dramatic and very creative when done correctly. In this video, Gress breaks down his backdrops, his lighting setup, how he positions his subject, and his camera work. It made me feel confident that I could get that look, too. Do you have any other tips for rim light photography or single-light studio setups?

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