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I purchased the airpods pro 2 weeks ago. When I used it for about an hour, I started to hear high pitch sound in my ear even after taking out the airpods. The tinnitus started and lasted for a day or so, and I logged a case to Apple and the next day I got a call from them who advised me to go and see an ENT specialist.

Around a week later, I used airpod again, this time over a period of several hours, and by evening, the tinnitus started again, and it’s continuing since then for a week now.

I went to an ENT specialist, and after doing the hearing test, he said that the cause is due to exposure to loud sound, but I couldn’t understand because I don’t listen to music that often (maybe max one hour a day) and the volume is always at moderate level.

I had been using Airpod 2 and Bose QC II for a while but never had tinnitus before that, so the most probable cause is due to airpods pro ANC or the pressure system..

I will contact Apple again to see what can be done, but if anyone has similar issue as me and the original post, please let me know.

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