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Computex 2023: news, hands-on, and more

Arm Cortex Immortalis 2023. Say it with me: Arm doesn’t sell chips. But it does design CPU and GPU cores its licensees can optionally use. What’s new? Cortex-X4 (big CPU): 15% more perf, 40% less power Cortex-A720 and A520: 20% and 22% more efficient, respectively Immortalis-G720 (the GPU): 15% more …

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System76 Virgo Aims To Be The Quietest Yet Most Performant Linux Laptop

System76 continues teasing the in-house laptop design they are working on codenamed Virgo. System76 in recent weeks teased Virgo being manufactured out of aluminum bar stock at their headquarters in Colorado as well as talking up their laptop keyboard and touchpad prototyping. Tape is a common tool in hardware product …

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